WALL's Feastwich
How can we make a static proposal of a bear’s paw reaching for Feastwich, feel more engaging and impactful.
Browsing through what is available on shutterstock, a footage of the bear turning around was found and crafted to look like it was responding to the cell above.

Role: Concept & video editing

CLEAR Men Shampoo
How can we create a series of socials posts from one commercial to speak to different segments of the male audience without being repetitive?
We identified the potential key interests of the male audience. Then we cut up the commerical and stitched it with stock footages to create 4 different video stories - unexpected of the commerical. Humour is used to dramatize the effect of ending recurring dandruff.

Role: Concept, writing & video editing

Lifebuoy: Honey
How can we highlight the ingredient in the new soap in various ways with just two product images.
By focusing on the honey element, viewers are able to immediately understand that it is the key ingredient in the new soap. The Youtube bumper ads and Instagram ads are created by combining a series of stock images and footages without the need to do an actual video shoot.

Role: Concept, art direction, photo retouch & animation

Content Creation

A brief selection from the extensive content creation projects that I have worked on. Projects vary from individual tactical pieces for social content calendars to social media campaigns.

I was thrilled when social content creation first became mainstream because the scope of work is in sync with my personal motto - "I love variety". I love how I get to see through the concept to the execution of the campaigns and how I get to work with other creative experts that bring different magic to the final output.

Simultaneously, there is alot of learnings gained from how different agencies and marketeers approach social content creation. There is no absolute way to doing content creation. A 3sec brand reveal or slow burn? Witty or heartwarming? Why not propose and give it a try?

Fast turn over and constantly evolving trends also allow many brands to be experimental which in turn gives us more space for creativity.

Clients include:
CLEAR, Contiki, KNORR, Lifebuoy, MSIG, Playstation, Uniqlo, Wall's and more.

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