Storytelling: Campaign Ideation

Here lies concepts from missions aborted. Could be Covid, could be budget, logistics or change of direction. Or maybe, just my overzealous imagination. These were ideated independently by me.
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Concept, writing & storyboard

Uniqlo Sport Utility Wear: Active & Chill
And everything in between

To generate interest in Uniqlo’s new activewear collection in the already saturated market, we set out to challenge the cliché perception of activewear. With 3 x 10s videos, we wanted to show that the collection is not only for sports but so much more. Each video opens with the talent, as if doing a sport. On reveal, they are comfortably dressed for both sports and everyday moments.

Uniqlo UV Protection: Repelling the Sun
To promote awareness on Uniqlo's UV protection collection being an instant sun protection wear, we dramatize the effect of UV rays being reflected by the product.

USS Halloween Horror Nights 10: Ten is here
(Pre-Covid) 2020 marks the 10th year of USS Halloween Horror Nights in Singapore. How do we generate hype and create an impactful 10th anniversary.

The story:
‘Ten’ is the ultimate demon that has been trapped for the last 10 years while the other demons made their appearances. This year, Ten finally breaks free and is set to wreak havoc on earth. Idea in Mandarin: 十年的恐慌即将爆发,今年'十期'到了.

We will engage 10 different social media influencers from across different categories (such as fashion, food, sports, crafts, tech etc). Their seemingly usual video recordings would be suddenly interrupted. They appear to be fearful or trying to escape an invisible entity as the camera topples over. Screen fades out to black and end card appears.

Ten is here (OOH)
Playing on how we say ‘bus is here’, we take over bus service 10. People waiting for bus 10, will naturally go "Ten is here". The buses are black like hearse, with HHN10 messaging at the sides. Demonic hands are installed at the back of the buses.

Ten's Song
To commemorate HHN10, we engage Jasmine Sokko to produce an supernatural themed song + MV featuring herself as a vessel of Ten the demon. A spotify playlist of creepy music is also created to amp up the spook factor.

Mark of Ten
Horror worshippers rejoice - tied together by the mark of Ten the demon. Specially designed temporary tattoos will be handed out during road shows or with other marketing collaterals. Tickets buyers bearing the tattoos will get X% off. Book tickets online by scanning the tattoo.

Ten's Prey (OOH)
When Ten is done with massacre, it collects human blood in its lair. Mask yourself with the scent of Ten's Prey to escape from it’s clutches. Bus stop ad is a claw machine, dressed up to look like its covered in soil - filled with bottles of blood (red perfume). Each bottle comes with a discount code for ticket purchase.

Uniqlo Sport Utility Uniqlo Sport Utility Uniqlo Sport Utility Uniqlo Sport Utility

Uniqlo UV Protection Uniqlo UV Protection