Unilever Brands:
Social Media Ads

A selection of social media ads for Unilever brands.

Concept, design, video editing & animation

  • WALL's Feastwich
    The new Feastwich is an ice cream that fills you up. Inspired by the idiom ‘Hungry as a bear’, we played up the hunger factor and the satiety that Feastwich brings with a witty and impactful video ad.

  • CLEAR Men Shampoo
    How can we create a series of socials posts from an existing commercial to speak to different segments of the male audience without being repetitive? We identified the potential key interests of the male audience. Then we cut up the commerical and stitched it with stock footages to create 4 different video stories - unexpected of the commerical. Humour is used to dramatize the effect of ending recurring dandruff.

  • Lifebuoy: Honey
    The social ads focus on the key ingrediants so that the audience gets an instant understanding of the product .They are created by combining a series of stock images and footages without the need to do an actual video shoot.

  • Lifebuoy: Tea Tree Oil